Community Programming FAQs

Q: Who can use TVCTV equipment?

A: TVCTV services are available to persons who live, work, attend school or volunteer for a registered non-profit organization in the MACC service area.  If your eligibility is met by being a student, your eligibility expires when you are no longer a student.  If you are a volunteer for a non-profit, your activity is confined to programs supporting that non-profit agency.

Q:  If I use TVCTV’s facilities and/or equipment to produce a show, am I required to submit the video to TVCTV?

A:  Yes.  If you use TVCTV’s facilities and/or equipment, we require that you submit a copy of the show to us. 

Q: Can I use TVCTV’s equipment to shoot productions for my personal video business?

A: No.  You cannot charge for the use of any TVCTV equipment or services, nor can you use our equipment for any revenue generating activity.  Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from TVCTV.

Q: Do I have to take the Studio Production or Field Production classes to submit shows to TVCTV?

A: No.  You can submit shows produced outside TVCTV’s facilities by just taking TVCTV’s free Orientation [hyperlink to Orientation sign-up] and Producer Training [hyperlink to classes] classes.  You only have to take the Studio or Field Production classes if you want to use TVCTV’s facilities/equipment to produce your show.

Q: Can I rent your equipment?

A: No, our equipment is available only to members of our service area who have taken the necessary training.  Our in-house production team can offer you a quote to produce your program for you if you cannot take our training.

Q: Can I put my videos on YouTube or another online video website?

A: Yes, as long as you aren’t generating profit from posting the video online.

Q: How many times does a program play on your channels?

A: We guarantee 5 airplays if your program meets our technical requirements.  Depending upon the type of program, repeat plays may exceed 20 replays during the quarterly cycle we schedule for our channels.

Q:  How many people will watch my program?

A:  We can't answer that one because we don’t receive viewer ratings.  But, when your program plays on our home channels, there is a potential of a quarter million viewers having an opportunity to watch your show.  If your show is acceptable to play on our premiere channel, the Community Access Network (CAN), over a million potential viewers are yours to entertain or inform.