Facilities & Equipment

TVCTV offers a wide array of television production tools to help you create your program and get it on our channels.


We have a full High-Definition state-of-the-art production studio entitled the “Community Access Production Studio” (CAPS). It has three robotically controlled professional HD cameras, high-end LED lighting, a revolutionary green screen technology called “Chromatte”, and a cutting-edge production switcher by Broadcast Pix. The studio layout allows for versatile full-scale productions without the need for large production crews.


Everything a field producer might possibly need can be found in our extensive equipment area. We have 15 cameras and a wide variety of professional audio and lighting equipment to choose from. 

Panasonic DVX 100B cameras

A lightweight camera used for film and TV program production as well as news gathering, Panasonic's DVX100B exhibits superior image quality, high sensitivity, and 24P/30P Cinema mode. It has the specifications needed for full-fledged professional video production.


Panasonic DVC-60 cameras 

3-CCD's for high resolution, balanced audio inputs, and plenty of features to make any production a breeze with this shoulder mountable camera.  Camera check-out package comes with a professional Vinten Tripod.


"Edit-2-Go” Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

We offer several Apple MacBook Pro laptops for check-out that are loaded many powerful production programs, including Final Cut Studio 3 (with Final Cut Pro 7) and Adobe’s Production Premium software.