Submit Your Program Online

Submit MPEG2 programs using our FTP server!

It's easy, just register to get an FTP account. Once your registration is approved just follow the instructions using either your web browser or FTP client software

Our Tightrope Video Server can take MPEG2 files with the following settings:

Size: 720x480
Audio: MPEG Audio, 48KHz, Stereo 192 kbps
Frame Rate: 29.97
Bitrate: CBR 10 Mbps 
Aspect Ratio: NTSC 16x9
Stream: Program Stream (PS)

You can download and use these presets for Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Compressor.  These settings are for 16x9 files. (right click and select 'save target as' to download):


 Web browser FTP Instructions:

  1. Make sure you have Java installed on your computer 

    For help installing Java go to Java's download and install page. You'll need to restart your browser after you install or update Java. During the Java install it will ask you if you want to install the Ask toolbar.  We recommend that you do not install it with Java.

  2. Go to to upload your file and submit your request form.

    If you need help, here is a video tutorial on how to upload using the web interface.

 FTP Client Instructions:

  1. Get an FTP Client

    You'll need to install a FTP client to upload your shows.  We recommend Filezilla, listed below are some of the more popular and free clients:

  2. Setup your account

    Once you have downloaded and installed the FTP client you'll need to setup an account:

    • Host:
    • User / Password: Enter the username and password sent to you when you registered.

    To setup an account in Filezilla:

    • Select File -> Site Manager...
    • In the window that opens, click 'New Site'
    • Enter a name for the new site.
    • In the Host field enter
    • Change Logon Type from Anonymous to Normal
    • In the User and Password  fields enter the user name and password sent to you in your registration email.
    • Click Connect to logon to the FTP server.
  3. Transferring Files

    Most FTP clients have a panel showing what is on the server and another showing what is on your computer. Usually to upload a file you just have to drag it over to the server panel

    In Filezilla the right panel contains your FTP account folder.  Just drag the shows you want to upload over to the panel and the upload will start.

If you're having problems with the FTP server, contact Master Control.