Training FAQs

Q: TVCTV equipment looks really technically complicated. Do I need an electronics degree to attend the class?

A: No. Our training staff at TVCTV is not only highly experienced, but incredibly patient as well.  We train people of all ages at a pace that everyone feels comfortable with.  Our classes make a complex system like a production studio easy to learn.  In a very short amount of time you can be creating your own show.

Q: Is the training expensive?

A: Our classes range from $30-50 dollars total and consist of multiple 2 hours long classes held over a several week period.  You will be hard-pressed to find this level of hands-on professional training anywhere for this little cost. 

Q: Do I have to take classes to use TVCTV equipment?

A: Yes.  Anytime you use a technical piece of equipment you need to receive proper training on its use.  Our classes are fun and more importantly a great opportunity to meet others to help you on your productions.

Q: I work when the class is scheduled. Can I take it on another day?

A: Our facilities are in high demand and finding time to have the class is sometimes difficult.  If you have a group of five or more interested we can set up special training for a flat rate for the group. Or, you can sign up for the next quarter training cycle.