Production Certification

Get Certified!

TVCTV offers several different certification categories which allow you to either use our equipment or facilities, produce your own shows, or just hand in content to air on our channels.  However, a prerequisite to all certification is attending our free Orientation class.

Class Certification

Upon completion of a class series (Studio Production, Field Production, or Editing), an individual becomes certified to use the corresponding equipment or facilities related to that area.  Certification denotes that the student is proficient in handling specific production equipment.  Once certified, an individual is able to check out equipment or use our facilities free of charge.

Producer Certification

The next step to becoming a fully certified field or studio producer is to take a free class called “Producers Training”, which provides trainees with the essential information needed to plan a production and submit that production to air on our channels.  This class must be taken by anyone wishing to submit programming for air, which was either produced in-house with TVCTV’s equipment or externally produced.  The “Producers Training” class covers specific responsibilities of the producer and reviews our online submission process.  It also covers copyright permissions, talent releases, libel and slander laws and a whole host of other topics necessary to protect the producer and TVCTV from potential problems a community producer faces.  After attending the “Producers Training” class, an individual is officially certified as a Producer which allows them to submit programming to our channels.  

*Any certification is valid only for only twelve (12) months from the last time the eligible member utilized TVCTV's equipment or facilities, and can be renewed by attending a TVCTV refresher course in the track of their choice.