Training Classes

Learn Television Production!  

Here at TVCTV, we offer two different basic series of classes:  Studio production & Field production.  These classes teach the fundamentals behind television production and instruct students on the proper operation of our equipment.

Studio Production

  • “Community Access Production Studio” (CAPS)

    A series of 4 classes that provide in-depth instruction using top-notch professional studio equipment and our revolutionary “green screen” technology.  Through hands-on education, students become comfortable operating cutting-edge equipment while learning proper television production techniques from our experienced staff.  Students will also directly participate in entire class productions to provide them with more “real-world” experience.

Field Production

  • Part A: “Field Equipment”

    These first three 2 hour classes cover proper operation of professional video cameras, audio gear and lighting, as well as time-proven production theories and real world techniques.  Students use this knowledge to go out into the field to shoot footage for their own exciting final productions.

  • Part B: “Adobe Premiere Pro - Editing”

    Learn how to edit like the pro’s with step-by-step instructions from our experienced staff.  These three 2 hour classes cover basic editing techniques using Adobe's Premiere Pro software.  In this class we cover everything from how to capture and organize footage, to working with Premiere Pro's powerful tools to arrange and manipulate your shots, to exporting your final production.     

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