What's On TVCTV?

Around the Clock Programming

TVCTV provides around-the-clock programming of every description to the Tualatin Valley and the Portland Metropolitan Area. From gavel-to-gavel government meetings to local arts and culture to informative discussions on nearly every topic, you get it all on TVCTV.

See and hear poets and politicians, artists and satirists, comics and spiritualists all come together on our channels to exercise their right to freedom of speech on a non-commercial forum.

Local Programming

See locally originated programming on Channels 11 (Comcast) / 22 (Frontier), and 21. View programs on a myriad of subjects from near and far on Channel 23.

Educational Programming

Get educational programming provided by Portland Community College on Channel 27.

Government Programming

Get involved with the issues of your community on Government channels 28 and 30.